How To Kiss A Girl – Tips On How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time

Many if not most girls decide right after kissing a guy for the first time whether they are ever going to kiss him again in the future. Your first kiss does not have to be perfect but if you’re seen by your partner as a bad kisser it may be the first and last time you get to kiss her.

How To Kiss A Girl Step By Step:

Step 1. Make sure she is ready and willing to kiss you.

Trying to kiss a girl at the wrong moment or someone that is not into you can be very embarrassing! Pay attention to her body language. Unless she is very nervous she should give you some subtle signs that she wants you to kiss her or won’t mind if you kiss her.

Step 2. Break the touch barrier.

It’s much easier to kiss a girl if you have already established some physical contact with her such as holding hands. Don’t be afraid of briefly touching her arm or hand casually while talking and see how she reacts. If it doesn’t make her feel uncomfortable she may be ready to kiss you.

Step 3. Lean in for the kiss.

Make eye contact with her and lean towards her. Tilt your head slightly to avoid you bumping noses and close your eyes just before your lips touch her lips.

Step 4. Kiss her upper or lower lip.

Start by kissing either her upper or lower lip and be very gentle.

Step 5. Deepen the kiss.

If you feel comfortable and she is responding well to you kissing her, tease her lips with the tip of your tongue and wait for her to slightly open her mouth. When she opens her lips insert the tip of your tongue into her mouth and caress her lips and tongue with your tongue.

Do’s And Don’ts:

  1. Look after your personal hygiene. Smelling of sweat does not make you smell “manly” and will not make her feel like kissing you. In addition, make sure your breath smells fresh and that your hands and fingernails are clean.
  2. Look after yourself. She won’t mind that you have a zit on your face but make sure your lips are not dry or chapped. Nobody likes kissing dry or chapped lips.
  3. Don’t wait for her to make the first move. It’s normally up to the guy to make the first move. Girls like guys that are confident so if you feel like kissing her and the time is right just go for it.
  4. Make sure she is ready to kiss you. Even if you think you’re the best kisser in the world, she will not agree if you try to kiss her when she is not ready for it.
  5. Kiss her in private. You don’t want people staring at you while you’re kissing her. If it does not make you feel uncomfortable it may make her feel awkward.
  6. Know when to stop. The fact that she is ready and willing to kiss you does not mean you may grope her. Girls do not like to be groped! And, don’t try to see how far you can push her. Treat her like a lady and with respect.
  7. Don’t feel restricted to kissing her on the mouth only. Most girls love to be kissed in the neck. In fact, some girls prefer a guy kissing their neck to a guy kissing them on the mouth.

If you follow the above tips on how to kiss a girl you will have nothing to worry about and your first kiss should be a memorable one.