Induction Cook Tops – Why Switch to Induction Cooking?

The application of induction technology and the manufacture of induction cook tops brings these handsome appliances to both home and restaurant kitchens. All cooks can have safe and efficient electrical power available for their work.

  • Why use induction – The electromagnetic that is to say the induction cooking method is based on the fact that heat energy is generated when the electronic coil embedded in the ceramic glass cook top of your induction cooker is switched on and the ferrous metal pot placed on the cook top. When the cook pot is removed or the power is switched off, all heat generation stops. Note any non-ferrous object sometimes a plastic bowl, a cloth, or your hand, contacts the cooking area no heating will even occur if the element is turned on. In short – this is the induction method. There lies the reason for the safety of this way of food preparation.
  • Energy efficiency is very impressive – at 90% it outperforms the 40-65% efficiency rate of all other cook tops (wood, gas, propane, halogen, or the well known conduction electric elements).
  • More On Safety – induction cooktops heat only the bottom of the pot and the food in the pot, adjacent areas do not heat up enough to burn the cook, a child, or handicapped person. The closed, cool, induction elements can not cause a kitchen fire. (Kitchen fires are the cause of many accidents, even fatalities.)
  • Temperature Controls – Turning knobs or touch pads adjust very sensitive variable heat settings – from simmer to full boil or to keeping food just warm.
  • Care and maintenance – a simple wipe with a damp soft cloth over the ceramic glass surface, or use of a non-abrasive cleaner if necessary, is enough to keep the cook top shiny.
  • Children – teaching cooking in much easier when the stove top can not burn the little apprentice. Remember that supervision with hot pots is of course still necessary.
  • No extra heat – the kitchen equipped with an induction cooking appliance is a predominantly cooler area since the cook top itself does not heat up, in fact the elements do not generate any heat after the utensils have been moved from the circling cooking area.

Well-made induction cook tops from reputable companies are safe, efficient, clean, and even good-looking and learning to use them is similar to using the cooking appliances that one already knows, one difference – they cook food more quickly.