Investment Sales Success – Only Losers Quit

You’ve all heard the adage “winners never quit and quitters never win” and you may think it applies to your investment sales success. WRONG! Only a loser keeps doing things that don’t work and expects different results. If what you’re doing now has limited results for you it’s time for a check-up on the system not you.

It’s the system that’s a failure, not you. When what you’re doing is getting such bad results for you it’s hard not to start thinking that it must be you, and that you must be a failure. After all your sales manager keeps telling you that if you just follow the system it will work. I’m telling you that if the system isn’t working for you, and you’ve tried your best it’s not you it’s the system that needs to change.

Investment sales success depends on you starting the relationship in the right way. Cold calling or sending direct mail that talks about you and then asks for an appointment are both poor ways to start a relationship that you want to result in investment sales success. Those approaches are focused on you, and your needs not the needs of your potential clients. That’s why those approaches have such poor results.

Investment sales success depends on you building a relationship that ends in business. The best system for having that happen is one that is focused on you understanding your potential clients needs. To do that you have to first do some research so you understand the problems and challenges they have. Then reach out to your potential clients by giving first. Give something that they really want and value not something that sets you up for an immediate sale like a free financial review. Provide them with the ability to reach out to you to obtain the value from your offer, and when they do focus on understanding their needs.

When your investment sales success system is built on strong relationships you can’t help but succeed. A big reason what you’re doing now isn’t working is because it’s all you focused rather than client focused. When you change your focus and develop a system that helps your best prospects to reach out to you it’s amazing how much easier success becomes.