Loophole – Use it to Repair Your Credit

Using the Internet to “Repair Your Credit” can be very dangerous and time consuming don’t you agree? When you search under the term “credit repair” you will get over 14 million articles and websites. If you search the term “credit repair tips” you’ll get over 131 million results. You only have to spend an hour reading through a few of the search engine results to realize that you have better odds of winning the mega jackpot in this weeks lottery to pay off all your debts than achieving a high credit score using the search engines.

Most of the websites you find are filled with articles that were either written by robots (bots) or freelance writers from India. Hey, just click on the authors name and then read their credentials. After you get tired of reading through articles that really won’t help you all of a sudden get excited when you stumble on discussion forums. Here you find people like yourself who are asking specific questions regarding their situation and they are getting their questions answered. GREAT right? Don’t be so quick to make that judgment. How do you know the answers you are given are correct?

If you follow enough debt or credit related forums you’ll usually discover that they are full of people offering advice on things that they know nothing about. A lot of the advice will sound good if you assume that the person giving you the advice knows what he or she is talking about. But do they? Again, check their credentials and you soon find out that their free advice is worth what you paid for it. Zero or maybe worse, their advice will usually cost you a lot of time and money and leave you worse off than when you started.

So what is the solution? I recommend searching for a “Paid Membership Site” that deals with consumer credit and or debt. When you find a few of them they will usually offer you a free or trial membership where you will have time to judge whether the tools and resources they give you access to are of value or not. Sure, you are going to find some membership sites dealing with improving your credit scores and getting rid of consumer debt that are based on unproven hypothetical theories or crazy far fetched ideas. But if you keep on looking you will eventually find one or two membership sites that have tools based on existing laws and statutes that you can use to get the results that you want. I personally like sites that have tools and resources that are based on “legal loopholes” pertaining to Federal Laws and Statutes.

Every category of law has loopholes that experts in the field find and who create ways to take advantage of the loopholes. Better yet, they will be able to provide you with copies of actual court cases or court orders that you can investigate and hopefully get your hands on actual documents that were successfully used by others to get the results that you are trying to get for yourself. If they follow that up with simple step-by-step instructions for you to follow in order to duplicate the previous results then you’ve hit jackpot.

A good example of a “loophole” that anybody who wants to repair or restore their credit is the “Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act Loophole“. This loophole is SO BIG that in my opinion EVERY SINGLE PERSON who takes advantage of it could save themselves hundreds of dollars a month in lower monthly payments. Some of you who live in California and NYC could see your monthly mortgage payments be lowered more than a thousand dollars a month.

This is a loophole that every financial institution in the universe does not want you to know about. It’s a loophole that the BIG 3 Credit Bureaus don’t want you to know about. Why you ask?

To answer you, let me first explain something to you. I am sure that you know this already but I want to remind you in case you have been brainwashed into forgetting. “Credit Bureaus” are paid HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year by financial institutions to “Report bad credit to credit bureaus” by placing negatives on your credit reports so that you will have the lowest credit score possible. Why do they want you to have the lowest credit score possible? They benefit when you have bad credit showing on your credit report. The more bad credit you have the more they can charge you the highest rate on every loan and mortgage etc that you apply for.

How will any of this “Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act Loophole” benefit you? It will mean that once all 3 credit bureaus are forced to remove all of the negatives from your credit report including bankruptcy, judgments, repos, foreclosures, collections and late-pays etc… your credit score will go up. For some of you, way way up. Most of you, if not all of you could end up with a very High Credit Score. You’ll be able to lower every single loan rate including mortgages and car loans you have so that your monthly payments will go way down. And if you buy anything new and need financing for it you will now qualify for the lowest rates available. Maybe even zero interest rates. Won’t that be enjoyable?

The bottom line is, the Internet can be used to restore your credit score and repair your credit and if you take the “Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act Loophole“. approach to your Google search you might just stumble on your jackpot.