Milwaukee 3107-6 Right Angle Drill

Milwaukee 3107-6 Right Angle Drill-Specifications

The Milwaukee 3107-6 is a powerful right angle drill used for drilling between joists and studs where space is limited ruling out drilling holes with a normal drill.

This powerful drill has a seven amp heavy duty motor and has an all ball bearing drive for extended life an excellent durability. The drill chuck can rotate a full 360 degrees and can be locked in any position to facilitate drilling at awkward angles in very tight locations.

It can drill holes in wood of up to 4 5/8 "using self feed auger bits and speed can be varied form 0 to 750 revs per minute (RPM)

This Milwaukee drill comes in an impact resistant plastic case with a quick lock cord and all the accessories to facilitate ease of operation of the tool including chuck removal.

Technical Details: Powerful 7-amp motor, Use with up to 4-5 / 8-inch self feed bits, Trigger speed control, Head and handle swivel 360 degrees for easy drilling in tough spots, Limited warranty, 30-day no-risk trial.

Right Angle Drill-Operation

This drill is one of the primary tools for electricians and plumbers working new residential construction. Its sturdiness and reliability allow the user to drill holes all day long in tight positions and awkward angles.

Because of its design the body being at right angles to the chuck this drill is relatively easy to control and hold onto in the event that a nail eater drill bit hits a large nail and locks. This occurrence with a straight drill can cost the operative some skin or even a broken wrist.

The right angle drill also drills at lower speeds compared to regular drills but with much more torque allowing ease of drilling for large holes and ease of control over the drill itself.

Besides being a far better drill for drilling holes in joists and studs regardless of position a right angle drill is a far safer tool to use when drilling large holes in tight positions than a regular straight drill which is harder to hold onto and is operating at much faster speeds.