Opening Day Of Fishing Season

Well, here it is the end of April.

Like the uncontrollable urges that the groundhog, the wild turkey, and Brad Pitt, have come over them at this time of year, it is a time when an internal alarm goes off in the fisherman.

Unlike those sex crazed species, the anglers yearly sense of duty is aroused by …..

…. Opening day, trout season.

A time when the trees bloom, lakes thaw, and man struggles with that eternal question:

Should I mow the nine inch weeds or go fishing?

To me, that is like asking would I like a hot fudge sundae or a liver transplant?

Of course, as I drive out to one of our local fishing waters here in Oregon, and pass many of the guys on the liver transplant recipient list, I am thankful that not every male is of the same mindset as myself.

Otherwise, what was ice and snow a month ago, would be fiberglass and aluminum now. In other words, you could walk across a lake from boat to boat without ever touching water.

To say opening day of trout season is usually crowded, is the ultimate understatment. As much a social event as it is a fishing outing. If you are looking for solace and a little quiet time, you are probably better off telling your wife you are going fishing and then slipping into the basement for a nap.

At least you still will not have to mow the weeds.

But with waters that have usually been closed or limited to ice fishing for six months, the chance of catching a really nice trout are pretty good. No pressure and a scarce food supply over the winter months, make the opening day ambush a day when the odds are stacked in the fishermen's favor.

This year, in Oregon we have been blessed with an abundant snow year which has found many of the high mountain lakes sitting with over 300 percent of the usual snowpack. Fishing boats may have to be replaced by snowmobiles, and anglers may look more like Eskimos than fishermen.

In places where the ice has melted, the water is ccc – c cold. Under 40 degrees. These are conditions that usually make for slow and sluggish trout and fish that are spread out looking for warm pockets of water and fish parkas. Nonetheless, there will be opening day success and Jack Daniels stock may rise considering over the weekend.

So, if you are heading out for the opening day "fishfest" — good luck and enjoy the festivals.

And if you are staying home to mow the weeds, well, I hope you do not wind up getting a fisherman's liver …..