Past Life Regression

She finds herself working in a law office. She's there on the weekend to catch up with some typing but does not mind doing the overtime because she likes to be kept up and have everything in order by Monday morning. She tells him that the year is 1941 and she finds herself typing away listening to the radio. Gerry asks her who is playing on the radio. She answered by reciting a few musical groups from the time. Benny Goodman is what is currently playing, currently in her mind in 1941 that is. So after collecting all the small details of this particular day he says to her, "Okay, in a moment I'm going to lift your arm and drop it, and when I do I want you to go to the most significant day of This life … Plop. " She finds herself, once again, still typing away at her desk listening to the radio. It's the same day, the same event, and Gerry's like, hum okay we're still here …

All of a sudden she hears an announcement on the radio. "We interrupt this broadcast to announce that Pearl Harbor has just been attacked by Japan!" Her voice becomes very excited, and in her mind she hops up and shuts the radio off, "I've got to run home and tell my parents!" She races down the stairs, runs out into the street and … gets hit by a bus! She's killed instantly.

Wow, hit by a bus! I guess that was the most significant day of her life. The interesting thing is during this regression that had recited names, addresses, and phone numbers of all of these people that she knew. She remembered the name of the town, the name of the law office, her brother's name, etc. After this amazing past life session, about six weeks later Gerry gets a call from her mother. They've been checking all of the facts and details that came out during the regression and they have been adding up. The law office still exists today under the same name as back in 1941 and it does reside in the town that she described. They called the brother. Can you imagine? "Hi, my name is so and so, I used to be your sister – I'm your dead sister reincarnated." Click – hang up! Gerry asked them to kindly inform him that if they get any more information to please give him a call back. Turns out that the former brother of this Florida teen, AKA dead sister, finally listened to what she was saying and reluctantly agreed for them to fly up so they could meet.

In this meeting they took her to the law office and she described the interior of the building as if she knew it. When inside she noticed changes to the architecture, some that she liked and some that she felt they should not have changed. It turned out that the sons of the retired and abandoned fathers who used to be the lawyers running this practice were now running the office. This Florida girl had brought up details to them regarding their fathers practice and their fathers that directly correlated with reality. They then took her to the house where she had grown up. Her brother in her past life was still living there. He had inherited the house from his parents after they passed away. She was taken inside the home and knew the layout of the house as if she had lived there. She was taken into her old bedroom and she became very excited. She asked for a crow bar or screwdriver or some kind of prying tool. She went into her old closet and started prying at the baseboards in one particular spot which were the old type that were really tall. She got the baseboard off the wall and walked around inside the wall. She then emerged grasping a mason jar full of money, old money like silver dollars and currency from that time period. She was saving to buy a car and had just remembered where her stash was! Later they took her to the grave of … herself, but she had no emotions about it one way or another.

Author Tim Bartley