Product Review – The Freedom Leg Off-Loading Brace

The Freedom Leg Off-Loading Brace goes beyond the limitations of crutches, wheelchairs or knee walkers.

How many people get injured and require non-weightbearing of the affected limb, but can not tolerate crutches, or can not afford to use a wheelchair? What alternative is there to maintain freedom of movement, adequate healing time, and accomplish your daily activities without assistance.

The Freedom Leg is a unique device created by Forward Mobility of Edmonds, WA. The principle of the device is to ensure zero weight on the affected leg from the knee down. It accomplished this utilizing an advanced carbon composite fiber frame around the leg, transferring the weight from the height to the ground, thereby removing all weight from the knee down to the foot.

When adjusted, the patients foot will float above the floor with no weight executed from the knee down. Its unique shape ensures a near normal gait, with reduced atrophy in the leg normally seen with prolonged immobilization with crutches, casts or wheelchairs.

The Freedom Leg is ideal for Diabetic patients who are suffering from peripheral neuropathy and diabetic ulcerations of the foot that require complete non-weightbearing. The device can also be used with patients that have had lower leg and foot amputations.

When the patient initiates puts on the device, the use of a cane is recommended. Once the patient gains confidence with the device, they can go up and down steps, steep inclines and uneven surfaces.

Imagine lifting grocery bags, going shopping all without the need for assistance. That is the freedom you achieve with the Freedom Leg.

It is recommended that you consult with your physician or therapist to determine if you can integrate with the tis device. The Freedom Leg is not indicated for patients with balance issues.