Public Speaking – 3 Ways to Make a "Signature Speech" Work to Market Your Small Business

Public speaking is powerful stuff and the word is out: creating a Signature Speech to market your business is a must. As the foremost expert in creating a speech to market your business, more and more I am invited to speak to record-breaking large groups of home-based business owners, solo professionals, and entrepreneurs about how to put together your own Signature Speech.

Once smart business people understand what a Signature Speech is, they get why it’s so powerful. Just in case you’re not clear on what it is, here’s my definition:

Your Signature Speech is a persuasive presentation you prepare to market your business to a live audience filled with your ideal target market.

I’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions to show you three ways to make your Signature Speech work to market your business.

1. Is the Signature Speech the same as an elevator speech or resource box at the bottom of an article?

Answer. Nope. It’s MUCH longer and although it’s technically a persuasive speech, it’s not “salesy” at all. Provide lots of useful information that your audience can apply right away. Tell folks what, why, and how.

2. How long should my Signature Speech be?

Answer: You need a speech that is about 35-40 minutes long. From there you can add or take away some info to meet the time requirements of most groups. Some will invite you to speak for as little as 20 minutes while others will want you to speak for up to an hour.

3. How do you get bookings?

Answer: It’s much simpler than you think. Groups everywhere are starving for speakers willing to speak pro bono. Start telling everyone you know and meet that you have a speech ready to go. You’ll get invited. Then call every Chamber of Commerce within driving distance of your home. You’ll get booked.

If you don’t have a Signature Speech ready to go just yet, you may want to get on that right away. You’ll soon see your number of sales and prospects increase in a hurry as a direct result of marketing your business with public speaking.