Shovel: We Are All Diggers!

We all use tools in our daily life, from carpentry tools to automated tools we always make sure that they are all well taken care of because we know that these tools make our chores light and easy. Regular inspections done to make sure safety in the next use. Tools are just like human body that needs special attention so they can do better and give us quality output. They are already part of our lives especially the shovel that had long before we exist. It said that during the Neolithic times humans are using animal scapula for digging. Maybe it's hard for them to use the bone but it was certainly very productive during their times. As humans evolved in longer periods of time so were the tools. Today shovels are more solid to with the laborious work. They may have changed in appearance and composition but the main purpose is not lost – to dig.

Shovels have different types depending on what to use on; for construction use, agricultural use, gardening use and even construction use. Different types of shovels do different task just imagine using a spade shovel for gardening, right? So always pick the right shovel for your chosen odd jobs. Most manual shovels have upgraded for heavy digging of materials commonly seen in constructions (like loaders and backhoes) they may have installed engines in shovels but they are the same in function – to excavate or transferring materials. Manual labors are lessening because of this power shovel. Manual shovels developed but are not gone. In fact, they categorized as per task involved.

The commonly used shovel in our household is the spade or the square shovel. The spade shovel has a sharp tip to dig hard ground, the square shovel has square tip used for transferring soils, or materials. Gardening shovel is useful in breaking clumps of dirt in the garden they are easily manoeuvred since they are a small version of spade shovel. Trenching shovel is for digging trenches. The scoop shovel is for scooping materials that does not need force to execute. Fireplace shovel, taken from its name it is purposely used in fireplaces to tend ashes. These are just some of the manual shovels that helped us in our responsibilities.

The shovels are helping us and with proper handling and cleaning will make your shovel last for a longer period. There are mainly two parts of the shovel and these are the handle and the head. Taking good care of the handle will prevent them from breaking easily; because the handle is wood it would certainly get rotten and ever will break apart. It is advisable to store the shovel in a dry place it would be better to hang your shovel. The head steel so it will rust if neglected after using, if this will happen your shovel can not do its task so. It is best to regularly sharpen your shovel.