The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wheeled Luggage

The best selling type of luggage is wheeled luggage. This type of luggage made its first appearance in the year nineteen eighty nine when flight crews used them to transport their supplies onto the airplanes.

People now prefer this kind of luggage especially for travelers who have to make their ways through airports and hotels. People who have physical limitations and senior people also prefer this kind of luggage.

The bags are structured so that the support is weighed on the wheels. It is accompanied with a handle that is pulled out when one has to pull the bag. This handle is then neatly placed back when the bag is not being pulled or wheeled.

Due to the bag having the frame and wheel structure, it is much heavier than other bags. It may also have less packing space and is relatively hard to maneuver the extra piece of clothing when the bag is filled to its capacity. It is also notorious for breaking as a bump here and there between the airplane and the luggage belts at the airport. These bags also usually have only one large compartment which does not allow for suitable packing of smaller items.

In terms of large bags, wheeled luggage is beneficial especially when travelers have to assist themselves at airports. For carry-on luggage, one may consider the alternative bags without wheels as they may have the same dimensions, but offer much more packing space.

This type of luggage is also quite troublesome when one has to walk through airports or hotels that have a variety of staircases and excavators. This is especially true when travelers have large and heavy bags to carry around until boarding.

In some countries, wheeled bags are prohibited in buses and trains. On the other hand, tour companies that specialize in group tours recommend this type of bags as tourists often carry their own bags to and from the coaches.

For frequent travelers this is surely a blessing. It reduces the strain on their backs and it visibly allows for quicker movement when opting not making use of trolleys at the airports. The ease of mobility alone outweighs the negative points related to these bags.

When one chooses to buy wheeled luggage, consider that the strength of the frame and the quality of the wheels are adequate. Ensure the handle movement is smooth without getting stuck. Also ensure that the bag is durable and not too heavy.