The Best Places To Install Home Chandeliers

Mounted lighting fixtures do not just add light to a room, they are more comparable to works of art, which convey beauty and elegance into your living or dining rooms.

Unlike lamps that you can move around, chandeliers and sconces are more permanent structures, therefore proper placement is necessary for them to look and work well. Consider scale too, since a small fixture will look lost and one that's too large will overpower a room. For proper installation, you'd need to get the services of an electrician, so you will avoid making costly mistakes.

Where Crystal Chandeliers Are Best Suited

Since a chandelier is a beautiful decorative piece with a warm, subdued light, these are not well suited for a libraries or other areas that require adequate lighting. Chandeliers, however are perfect for the dining room, the foyer, or even the sitting room. In such places where people go to simply converse and enjoy each other's company, it would be a great place for a chandelier. If you have a chandelier in a different type of room make sure you also have a brighter light, like recessed lighting.

Important Tips To Consider

Should you consider placing a chandelier in aa dining room, the fixture should hang above the center of your table. If the electrical connection in your ceiling does not work with your table's center, add a heavy-duty decorative hook in the ceiling above the center of your table, and then attach a length of chain to carry the wiring from the electrical connection to the hook.

As a rule for 8- to 9-foot ceilings, the bottom of your chandelier should be between 30 and 33 inches above the tabletop. Crystal chandeliers for other rooms need to be placed higher than 8 feet above the floor in the middle of the room or foyer for safety and style. In putting sconces, these elements should be hung so that the light source is at or just above eye level, since you would not want to be able to look down into a sconce and see its inner wirings and conduits.

In a room with very tall ceilings, it is appropriate to place them a little higher. It is also important to consider the volume of traffic in the room. Do not allow a sconce to extend so far from the wall that people risk bumping into it or knocking it off when walking by. To avoid stumbling on a meshed tangle of electrical cords, have an electrician install the wiring into the wall.

Chandelier Shopping Advice

– Size Matters. When choosing the appropriate dining room chandelier, scale is important. You do not want the fixture to dominate a table or look too massive. Take width and length measurements, or the diameter for a round table, and note them down to guide you when you're shopping. Subtract 12 inches from your table's width (or diameter), and the result is an appropriately sized fixture.

– Small sconces will look lost on a long wall, so select a complementary shape and size for the best display. For example, if your walls are tall, choose a long, vertical sconce.

– Chandelier Styles. Designs have already evolved a lot since the early days of the chandelier. You do not have to match your table and your chandelier. If you have a traditional dining room table, it would be okay to add a drum shade chandelier to give the room flair.

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