The Stair Climber Trolley

A stair climber trolley helps you move your heavy luggage upstairs or downstairs with minimal effort. It does so with a distinctive three wheel design that spins and levers your load.


It has a triple wheel design, with a wheel on each side of its base arranged in a triangular prototype. Some trolleys have a locking system on their wheels that normally locks them in a pattern leaving only one of them to touch the ground. This design makes it easier for the trolley to be maneuvered either upstairs or downstairs. They also come with two handles that help in increasing their strength. The nose plate width (where your load sits) also varies from 7 to 14 inches. Some stair are battery powered although they are relatively expensive and have a stair sensor that helps prevent the climber trolley from losing control.


Generally a stair climber trolley has six wheels with three wheels on every side of the triangular design. The topmost wheel usually rest on the upper stair case step and the other two wheels sits on the lower stair case step. This helps you control them easily as it either moves upstairs or downstairs. The arrangement of the wheels makes it easier to push or pull the trolley upstairs or downstairs. The wheels then spin from one stair to the next with minimal effort.


They makes it easier for you to move heavy loads upstairs and downstairs. It easily levers your load on the stair case and takes the pressure off as you don’t have to entirely lift the trolley from one step to the next. It helps reduce the strain on your body that you would otherwise experience if you were to lift the heavy luggage upstairs or downstairs. Often people experience lower back injury as well as other discomforts from lifting heavy loads upstairs; a stair climber trolleys relieves you from such discomforts and injuries.


They are generally not a one brand product, numerous manufacturers make stair case climbing trolleys for instance the common manufacturers include Rotatruck, Wesco and Vestil. Although these different models vary in design they function in a similar manner. The prices of the stair climbing trolleys vary depending on the design as well as the manufacturer. The battery powered climbers are relatively highly priced and are mainly designed for industrial purposes and, therefore, quite a bit more expensive.


Just like other hand tracks or trolleys the stair climber trolley has a load or weight limit. Depending on the model the weight limit range from 250 to around 600lbs.