Tig Welding Tips – 11 Filler Metals That Will Weld Darn Near Anything

Do you ever wish there was one TIG  welding rod that would weld everything? Well Give up already! Its not gonna happen. But if you want to know the bare minimum arsenal of tig welding rods it takes to weld darn near anything, here is my down and dirty list.  The first 5 rods are the most useful will take care of 90 percent of all your tig jobs.

  1. E70S2–for welding mild steel, 4130 chromoly, and other low alloy steels
  2. ER308–almost every stainless steel can be welded with this rod
  3. ER309–high carbon stainless steels like 400 series, and for welding stainless to carbon steel as well as other dissimilar metal applications
  4. 4043–best all around aluminum rod
  5. Hastelloy W– aka AMS 5786 is  the best all purpose rod ever for all steels when you don’t know exactly what kind of steel you have.
  6. AZ101—The least crack sensitive welding rod for magnesium castings
  7. CP TI– also known as AMS 4951, commercially pure titanium can be used on any higher strength weldable titanium
  8. SILBRO–aka Silicon Bronze —-for copper alloys and tons of other uses like copper to stainless, copper to steel, can be used for tig welding cast iron too.
  9. Al BRO– aka Aluminum Bronze—-good rod for welding  cast iron on A/C. Stronger than SILBRO
  10. UTP  99% Alloy 59 Nickel Alloy Welding Rod from airgas —–Another great rod for welding cast iron. very machinable and crack resistant.
  11. Alladin 3 in 1 or Durafix–for tig welding pot metal…  welding pot metal blows, but sometimes you have to do it.

There you have it, 11 tig welding rods that let you weld practically every metal under the sun.  This information is not intended to be used as a substitute for engineering data for critical welds. These are just some welding rods I have used with success. I hope it helps you.