Weight Loss – 6 Quick Tips to Eat More Vegetables

We all know that vegetables are greatly beneficial for the body, but yet we do not like to eat them much. The excuse is always in the taste. Eating raw vegetables are difficult for a start. They are hard to chew and taste blank. As the health benefits in eating more vegetables has far outweighed the taste part of it, it is good reason to find ways to make them more palatable and appealing to our taste buds.

# 1. Time the serving

Offer vegetables such as broccoli and celery at the beginning of the meal when you and your family are feeling the hungriest. This way the tendency to eat the vegetables are most likeliest. Have them served in a variety of combinations and color such as boiled peas, potatoes, carrots, beans and corn.

# 2. Vegetables in sauces

Lightly steamed vegetables mixed with some sauces and herbs such as garlic do make a difference. My son do not like to eat them you may say. But with the lightly steamed vegetables mixed with a little oyster sauce and flaxseed oil, eating them is much more pleasant now. Even if your husband hates vegetables, do not despair. Think of adding vegetables in some meat or seafood dishes cooked with some light sauces in a claypot, he will tend to eat more vegetables than he realizes. Add the vegetables last after the meat is cooked so that the green color of the vegetables is preserved to make them looked yummy.

# 3. Spaghetti sauce with vegetables

When serving your family favorite food such as spaghetti, remember to add in some vegetables into the sauce. Cook your minced meat first before adding chopped tomatoes, zucchini and broccoli into the sauce along with some garlic, pepper and herbs. Mix well the ingredients and your spaghetti dish is ready for serving. Your family will love you more for the nutritious spaghetti dinner.

# 4. Tasty vegetable soups

Bring to boil a small pot of soup cooked with some chicken bones or pork ribs. Throw in any green vegetables such as spinach and add in a pinch of salt and serve it hot. The vegetable soup is nutritious as the vitamins are contained in the soup. It will make you feel full much faster and you tend to eat less of the other food portions if included in a meal.

# 5. Vegetable soup noodle

If you are into eating ramen or instant noodles, adding in some cut carrots, cabbage and any green vegetables makes it a nice dish. It is fast to prepare and putting an egg or some meat to it makes this a healthier choice away from being considered a junk. Some may prefer to have it with raw sliced cucumbers or zucchini. You should refrain from adding too much of the unnatural flavors enhancers as the sodium content is high.

# 6. Mixed vegetables

Some vegetables taste good if you stir fry them very lightly with some salt or herbs. You can have a plate of mixed vegetables dish consisting of peas, macaroni and cheese or soft cooked carrots. Steam some sweet potatoes or bake this high-fiber, vitamin-A rich food with a touch of salt, sugar, cinnamon and cloves.

Eating more vegetables is an integral part of a weight loss program. They are packed with great nutrients necessary for healthy living and studies have shown over and over again that eating them more will help you to burn more calories and stay trim.