What Are the Different Styles of Dimmer Switch?

Installing a dimmer switch in the home can be a great lighting solution for many people, allowing them not only to be able to customise the amount of lighting according to their needs, but also to make significant energy savings at the same time.

In addition to choosing the right technical specification of your new switch, you will also need to consider the style of the switch that you want. Although many people may be familiar with one or two types of switch, there are also several others widely available on the market that could be more suited to their needs.

The most common dimmer switch – and one that most people will be familiar with – is the rotary dimmer, which features a circular knob that can be turned to switch the light on or off and to alter the lighting to the desired level.

Common examples of this type of switch on the market include the Starlight jqp401w and the Starlight Vpro3G dimmer. Each of these are what is known as electro-mechanical dimmers, which require the user to physically turn or move a part of the switch in order to operate the lighting in the room.

These items are in and of themselves fairly stylish and have a modern look, which is different from the traditional light switch style that many of us are used to with conventional room lighting. They are also very simple and intuitive to use, with the user easily rotating the dial into the position that they want.

Items like the rotary Starlight jqp401w are also some of the most affordable types of dimmer switch on the market today, making it a simple,stylish and practical solution for any homeowner looking to install dimmable lighting in their property.

For those who prefer a more sophisticated solution there is also the digital dimmer switch, which differs most significantly from the electro-mechanical switch by being able to be operated from anywhere in the home.

Whereas you need to be next to an electro-mechanical switch in order to adjust the lighting, digital switches will often have remote controls so you can change the lighting level from the comfort of your armchair or sofa. Some switches can be a mix of both electro-mechanical and digital functions for an even more versatile solution.

An example of a popular digital dimming product on the market is the Rako Wireless Dimmer, which comes complete with a control panel that can be installed centrally in the home for altering lighting levels in many rooms at once with absolute ease and simplicity.

A type of switch that is popular with those who like modern convenience blended with traditional style is the toggle touch switch, which operates very similarly to a traditional light switch. Its style resembles the conventional light switch, with the user simply having to flip the switch up or down to operate the light.

Normally, this toggle switch will feature a little slider at the side of the fitting, which can be moved up or down to adjust the level of lighting in the room. This is particularly advantageous because this slider can be positioned in a certain place as a kind of “pre-set” level of lighting that will be produced each time you switch the light on.

Lastly is the touch switch, which – as the name suggests – is operated simply by touching it. Oftentimes, the light level is adjusted by simply touching a particular place on the touch panel. This is a modern solution that is very stylish and also very intuitive for those who are familiar with using many digital devices and touch technology.

There is a huge range of different dimmer switches on the market, ranging from the digital Rako Wireless Dimmer and the touch operated switch to the Starlight jqp401w or the toggle switch. Each one has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages, meaning there truly is a dimmable lighting solution for everyone.