Why Everyone Needs a Hobby

People typically find themselves doing the same thing every day or every week. They get up at a usual time. They go to the same place every day and spend time with the same people. Each person goes about their day usually working until it’s not time to work anymore. When the work day is over this is what is referred to as our free time.

But this doesn’t meant that the work is necessarily over. During this period of “free time” we are expected to fulfill the needs and wants of many others. Parents need to care for children, to cook dinner or help with home work and many other tasks. Wives spend time taking care of husbands a hopefully visa verse.

Finally, once all the work is completed, we have very little time for ourselves. But in this little amount of time, we should discover something we truly desire to do.

So often, individuals turn to their mates when looking for something to do, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but one can not expect another individual to provide all of which is needed to fulfill them. It is important that each person gets a proper amount of time to do whatever it is they desire to do in his or her free time.

This is where a personal hobby or interest comes in.

Taking up a personal hobby or simply having time alone allows us as individuals to reflect. By taking a quiet bath by candle light alone, we have the opportunity to think about our day, our week and how we feel. We think about what makes us happy or sad and can take this time to understand why something makes us feel a certain way.

But with many busy lifestyles it is easy to forget to take time for ourselves which can lead to stress and feelings of resentment toward others around us.

It is important to understand that we all need our own free time and shouldn’t feel hurt if our mate feels the need to be alone once in a while. If we take time to think and reflect, this gives us the opportunity to sort our thoughts and can actually result in better connections when time is spent together.

Individuals are more likely, especially men, to have more to talk about if given time to compile all the information in their head before expecting to engage in conversation. A special hobby or interest is the perfect opportunity to take the time to do so.

We should realize that it’s not necessarily important to understand why a person wants to do something as much as much as the importance of acknowledging the fact that the person does enjoy doing it. Men and women often differ greatly when it comes to how we choose to spend our free time. Women may desire conversation or shopping in a busy mall, while men are content with sitting quietly to watch a favorite television show or sport.

Everyone needs time and activities that fulfill in ways that our jobs and home life may not. Whether it’s taking a cooking class or sitting by a pond alone in hopes of catching a big fish.

Spending quality time with partners and family is great, but we should make it a priority to make time to do something we choose just for us. By doing so, we can expect to be happier people when we do spend time together.