4 Simple and Devastating Self Defense Tactics to Annihilate an Attacker – Brutal Tricks That Work

Life isn’t like the movies. When someone puts their hands on you or attacks you there won’t always be a hero waiting to save the day. You have to be that hero. Imagine the fear you would fear if a large thug were to break into your house with intentions on taking you apart. Some people will tell you that you shouldn’t have any fear. That is ridiculous! Having fear is a natural emotional response to danger. The key to practical self defense tactics that can save you in these kinds of situations is to channel that fear into the right self defense techniques.

Go For the Eyes

In a real street combat situation or home invasion, you have to fight for your life. No fancy flying kicks or redirecting your opponent’s force is going to work. You have to let the inner animal come out. Brutal eye strikes and gouges should be one of your first go-to self defense techniques. The eyes are sensitive and if your opponent is in pain and unable to see, he will not be able to continue the attack.

Interrupt Your Opponent’s Breathing

Another area that is equally vulnerable on all people is the throat. A hard strike to the windpipe with an open hand chop or even a fist can severely impact your attacker’s breathing. If you think on your toes and strike hard and fast to the windpipe, you can easily overcome any opponent.

Keep Kicks Low

In the movies the hero wins the day with big flying spin-kicks. Don’t try that move or you’ll end up on your butt. Practical fighting techniques should be easy to do in any surrounding. You can’t throw a fancy high-kick if you’re fighting off an intruder in the hallway of your home. Kick to the shins, knees, and groin to cause your attacker the most pain and have the most impact.

Unleash a Furious Attack

The biggest thing that gets people seriously hurt or killed in self defense scenarios is freezing up. You have to develop the ability to unleash your instincts to fight for your life. We spend so much time being civil and bottling up any aggression that it can be hard to have the right mindset that is focused on injuring an opponent and taking him out. You need a system that develops a mindset to use simple, effective movements that cause maximum injury to your opponent in minimal time. Anything short of that is simply playing games.

You need a system that teaches you moves that are simple to perform and easy to remember while training you to have a mindset that goes all out when it matters most. You can’t afford to try fancy moves or to freeze up during a real attack.

You are ready to learn realistic self defense tactics that work during an attack or street fight, aren’t you