ADA-Compliant Small Elevators For Commercial Buildings

ADA compliant small elevators for commercial buildings are great accessibility options for mobility challenged individuals who find it difficult to climb stairs. These devices ensure safe and reliable vertical transportation of the physical challenged or mobility impaired in a commercial setup.

Features of ADA Compliant Elevators

An ADA compliant elevator will maintain all the safety standards that the ADA (Americans with Disability Act) insists on. Such elevators feature automatic operation, emergency call buttons and a number of other value added features. You can also find automated door opening and closing facility in such accessibility devices. The floor area will be such that there will be enough room for wheelchair users to enter these elevators.

A Variety of Options to Choose From

Elevators are very much in demand these days with increase in high rise buildings, as well as improved life standards. Consequently, elevator manufacturers have started coming up with different models and types of elevators suitable for any sort of commercial environment. Savaria Concord, Federal Elevators and ThyssenKrupp are well-known manufacturers in the industry. Some of the popular models they supply include Orion LU/LA, Prolift SCL and Prolift Voyager. Most of these are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and finishes.

A Perfect Solution for the Mobility Impaired

For the safe transportation of the mobility impaired, ADA compliant elevators are advisable. These are ideal for hospitals, schools, lodges or any kind of commercial enterprise. Most of them are built with strong materials with good weightlifting capacity. Durable design, variable speed as well as, noise free operation are some other notable features of these devices. Backup lighting, inter locking facility and emergency battery that provides flawless power supply ensure complete safety of the users.

An ADA-compliant small elevator is not only a convenient accessibility device but also a luxurious addition to your commercial building.