Bata 2Pitch4 Pitching Machine

The Bata 2Pitch4 is the latest of Bata’s pitching machines. It uses innovative technology to make it the best machine available! Although, the 2Pitch4 is very expensive, there is no other pitching machine out there that can compete with the features of this machine. It will go above and beyond your expectations. It is the most realistic pitching machine and its capabilities are unmatched.

What makes the Bata 2Pitch4 the best?

There are two heads on this machine. There are two heads and two wheels to each head of the baseball machine. This feature allows you to adjust the pitch to any speed with any type of spin you need. Both heads have the capabilities of throwing any pitch that can be thrown. It shows how amazing it is by being able to throw many combinations. You can have it throw a combination of a fastball and a curveball and then switch it to throw a split-finger change-up and a slider.

The heads tilt in unison because most players throw all of their pitches with the same arm angle. Since most do not drop their arms more than 35 degrees, the 2Pitch4 only allows the tilt head to range 35 degrees. A 35 degree tilt allows the practice to be more realistic. You are able to lock the two heads to any angle you choose from one lock handle.

Bata developed the 2Pitch concept back in 2000. This concept was created to allow for a realistic batting situation for experienced hitters. No other machine allows for such a realistic hitting experience. The original concept design has since been removed from Bata’s product line due to improvements coming from the 2Pitch3 design. Now they have built a model that outdoes both of its previous designs in the 2Pitch4.

Most machines only allows for the same thing to be thrown over and over again. The next step up is one that allows for different breaking balls to be pitched. The 2Pitch4 is in a league of its own above all other machines. When hitting off this machine you can keep the batter guessing by continuously changing the speeds and pitches.

The 2Pitch4 is fully mechanical unlike many pitching machines that are computerized. Due to this there are no computers to figure out and fewer moving parts. You will not be able find a better baseball machine than the 2Pitch4. If you get one of these machines you will be looked upon as having the best baseball training tool available.