Lighting fixtures are usually the most overlooked aspect of interior decoration. More often than not, you have hideous-looking light brackets that do not at all coordinate with the overall décor. And, as with wall mounted light fixtures, the wrong type of  chandelier  at the wrong place can spell doom for the entire look of the house.

 Chandeliers  have this grand, opulent look about them that make them very tempting purchases. Your fingers may have itched to grab a  chandelier  that you spotted in the shop window, and perhaps you eventually purchased it without even thinking whether it was at all suitable for your house. That’s the root of all the trouble.

 Chandeliers  are usually large pieces, and if your living quarters are small, the  chandelier  will end up overshadowing every other bit of furniture, marring the entire look of the room. On the other hand, if you have a large room, with heavy bits of furniture, a small  chandelier  would be lost in the maze. And it is, after all, actually meant to be a showpiece.

 Chandeliers  are of various types–wrought iron, crystal, antler–and each complements a different sort of décor. So you cannot have an ornate  chandelier  in a room that sports a minimalist look. Similarly, a rustic  chandelier  would look totally out of place in a modern, swanky apartment.

When buying a  chandelier , it also important to bear in mind that they require quite a bit of pampering. These are objects that gather dust easily. So if you do not intend to spend time dusting, you might rethink the purchase. A  chandelier  covered in dirt and grime looks positively ugly.

It may be only one showpiece amidst a host of others, but the  chandelier  alone has the potential to make or break the décor of a room.