Cute Quotes and Sayings to Say to Your Boyfriend

There are many cute quotes and sayings to say to your boyfriend. The best part of this article that you will notice is how much time is given to analyze and explain why these quotes are so unique and fascinating.

More importantly, why exactly they will make your boyfriend feel some strange emotions inside that he may have never felt before. After all, how many guys get cute quotes thrown at them by their loved ones?

And this is one of the best ways to capture his heart forever! Men, more than they know it, will absolutely love and adore you for saying these quotes to them. Hopefully some will give you a good laugh just to think about as well. And, don’t forget the power of some cute boyfriend texts sent during the day!

4 Examples of Cute Quotes you Can Use.

The first cute quotes and sayings to say to your boyfriend are from an anonymous person on the internet. The saying is as follows: “I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.” The reason a simple saying like this will make your boyfriend fall head over heels for you is quite simple. It invokes a pure sense of love. Also, it allows you to express your feelings in a wholehearted way.

Another example of a cute quote and saying to say to your boyfriend is again by an anonymous person. My reason for choosing unknown people is because it is fairly cliché to say quotes from famous people like Shakespeare. The saying is as follows: “The spaces between your fingers were created so that another’s could fill them in.

While this quote may border on being a little bit sappy in nature, he will hopefully love you for saying it. The point of this quote is that you were meant for one another. Expressing this feeling is of utmost importance if you truly love your boyfriend.

The final cute quotes and sayings to say to your boyfriend are pretty simple, but express an innate want to be with him for sure. It goes like this: “I’m a lover, not a fighter, but I’ll fight for what I love!” Men love feeling that their girlfriend is going to consistently be by their side. I know I love it when my girlfriend expresses her desire to stand up for me if need be. At times, I almost feel as if I need to calm her down on some issues, but it is still appealing that she loves me enough to want to be right by my side on everything.

Hopefully these cute quotes and sayings to say to your boyfriend impress you, and more importantly will impress your significant other. While they are definitely fairly simple, they will in the least let him have a good laugh and feel like you really like him on a deeper level. If you’re looking to be a cute girlfriend, I highly recommend sending one of these cute text messages.

Cute Funny Messages to Send to your Boyfriend.

Are you unsure of how to bring the best out of your guy? Come up with cute funny messages to send to your boyfriend and you will be amazed on how that works like magic. You don’t have to be a relationship expert or be in a myriad of relationships to leave your boyfriend in awe with well thought texts.

Be Innovative… Look for the best ideas, put them in a nice way and forward them to him. Just be creative. For instance you can send him a text saying “hunny, you don’t how badly I miss you, the distance might be long, but you are still in my heart like it was yesterday, I really want to see you“. That will remind him that you treasure and value the love he has for you.

Be cocky at times… Because that’s how to use how to use text messaging to create sexual tension. You can for instance send him at text like this: It’s so cold here, I miss your embrace; wish you were here with me. Now that will make him excited and with create the atmosphere for a steamy chat.

Keep him guessing… Become skilled on how to create mystery with a text. One of the ways to do so is by keeping your boyfriend speculating on the next reply. However, take caution not to upset your boyfriend in the name of being mysterious. There are various ways to do this, one of them being making him wait a little bit longer for the next text. This will leave him trying to figure out what is happening on your end and his, inquisitiveness will keep him interested.

You can also try to conceal your feelings. This is done by what I like to call the “one word” answer style. When he asks you how your day has been, just say fine. The more you hold information, the more curious he becomes. Be sure to diffuse the tension later.