Fireproof Gun Safes – Key Tips to Buying the Right One For Your Firearms

In some states in U.S., if you have a gun, do not own a fireproof gun safe and you tend to keep them in the drawer, you might be legally liable for penalty in times of gun theft. Research shows there more than 341,000 incidents of firearm theft from private citizens on a yearly average.

Indeed, home thefts are a critical social problem almost everywhere in the world, and the greatest danger comes when your firearms are stolen to be used in robberies and other crimes. By not safeguarding our firearms, we are in actuality causing more social issues, not to mention creating danger for our own family members during burglary.

In fact, anyone who owns firearms, valuables, passport, policy documents, title deeds, jewellery, priceless collections of coins, stamps and others, would need to use a safe. And if you are strapped of cash but badly need one to keep all the above items and more, you can consider a fireproof gun safe. There are main reasons why you can use it as a multipurpose unit.

There is no need to get separate safes for different items as most of the common items can be stored into one. To understand if you can use one general unit for all items, you will need to know how the ratings for safes work. The industry standards are set by testing boards like Underwriters Laboratories in terms of UL fire resistant ratings. Once passed, you will find the label at the corner of the packaging, certifying the correct classification of category and the tenacity level of the unit.

Take for instance, for storage of paper documents, firearms, jewellery and cash, you will need an interior temperature within the safe of lower than 350 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent reaching the burning point. Hence, a UL rating of 1 hour 350 degree F is sufficient for most of the above mentioned items.

There are different locking systems to appeal to your individual preference, like biometric systems with retinal or fingerprint access, key lock system and combination lock. You can choose the most suitable one based on your budget. Depending on the type of firearms you have, you might choose to have a standing long one or a small one if you only own small handguns. You might wish to buy one which gives you some additional space for your other items to store.

Be sure that you buy you fireproof gun safe from a reputed manufacturer. Never sacrifice cost for quality and you will get the peace of mind.