Fun Sex Games For Couples – Dress Up Time

Looking for some fun sex games for couples that will add a little heat to your relationship? Perhaps things have become a little dull in between the sheets and you are looking to bring some excitement back into the mix. Whatever the case may be, learning and playing a few fun sex games for couples can be a great way to kick start your sex life.

One of the easiest fun sex games for couples that you can play is a dress up sex game. That’s right, dress up! No longer is this just for kids. Playing a dress up sex games is simple and great at turning up the arousal factor.

There are many situations that you can use dressing up as a fun sex game for couples. Some of the most common scenarios are:

  1. Stripper/Client: Discuss with your partner who will be the stripper and who will be the customer. Women will need makeup, sexy lingerie or low cut somewhat exposing clothing, heels or sexy boots or whatever else she wants. Guys will want to wear tight t-shirts and jeans and a pair of sexy undies. Do some research to see what male or female strippers look like and use that as a starting point. Whoever is being the customer should dress up as a high end business person so wear a suit and carry a briefcase.
  2. Doctor/Patient or Nurse/Patient: Probably one of the most common dress up fun sex games for couples and for a good reason! Decide who will be who and ensure that you get a doctor’s or nurse’s uniform. Adding some props like a stethoscope, reflex hammer, etc are a great addition. Perform a full, slow examination of the patient and take things from there.
  3. Teacher/Student This dress up sex games is a favorite of many. Most prefer the man to be the teacher and the woman to be the student but feel free to switch things around. Most men love women in a school girl outfit, the short skit, tight button up top, knee high stocking, perhaps even pigtails. Have the teacher keep the student after school and decide how to go from there

Next time you find your sex life falling into a bit of a rut, consider dressing up and playing some fun sex games for couples. You will be glad you did. Remember that having a great sex life is about being open, creative and sometimes means stepping a bit out of your comfort zone. All this will help expand your sexual horizons and will lead to a more satisfying sex life.