Hilltop Lakes – Fine Texas Living

Hilltop Lakes is a beautiful Lake Subdivision. There is a golf course, campgrounds, lakes, even its own private Airport. Life is good in Hilltop Lakes subdivision. Members can choose from an 18-hole golf course, unique swimming pools, restaurants and club houses for just some of the entertainment available in this subdivision. However, besides the amenities and recreation, there is much development going on in this area.

Hilltop Lakes Subdivision has approx. 9,000 lots and 500 houses (in 2006). There have been 20 new houses developed right near the Golf Course. Due to this development and the upcoming new developments, it will bring surrounding properties to a higher value. 95% of the houses in this subdivision are medium to big size. Large businesses and companies are moving within 25-35 miles of Hilltop Lakes. Residents in the area of ​​Leon County and many investors are buying lots and building houses in Hilltop Lakes due to the expected increase in business. Many of these investors are also building houses on their lots so they can live comfortably while tending to their business.

Golf Course

There is an 18-hole golf course. The subdivision keeps it well maintained for all the property owners, as well as the public, to be able to use and enjoy the beautiful landscaping. There are many tournaments held throughout the year. In 2007, the golf course crew worked very hard getting the golf course in better shape than before for all golfers to enjoy.


Since this subdivision is so huge and beautiful, they offer visitors and non-residents a chance to stay and use all the amenities in the subdivision. Hilltop Lakes accommodations include: Mirror Lake Inn (AAA Rated Hotel) and Hillside Villas (excellent views, rooms have kitchens). By staying at any one of these you automatically have direct access to all amenities.


There are two man made lakes named Swan Lake and Tonkawa Lake, providing recreational opportunities for residents. Lakes are available year round. NO fishing license required. Swimming is allowed in Tonkawa Lake only. Only property Owner boats are allowed on the lakes.

Lake Tonkawa, Lake Cherokee, Lake Swan, Kickapoo Lake and Mirror Lake – All are packed with largemouth Bass, Catfish, Perch and more!


The equine facilities include a 30 stall horse barn, horse walker, 4 pastures for turn out with loafing sheds, exercise track, and lighted arena with roping pens. All horses are privately owned and cared for. The Hilltop Lakes Equine Management Corporation (HLEMC) does not provide horses for rent or trail rides. However, they do provide hayrides for family reunions and parties.