How Does Winter Weather Damage Hardwood Floors?

In cold weather climates, like that of Cleveland, Ohio, and surrounding areas, winter weather can take its toll on the finish of hardwood floors. Salt, snow, and other debris can be tracked in along with heavy foot traffic, making your floors look terrible. One of the worst culprits in winter is rock salt. Rock salt, which is necessary for keeping sidewalks ice-free and easy to walk on, will destroy the finish of hardwood floors. After a long winter, you might even need hardwood floor repair after so much exposure to salt. It’s a good idea to consider avoiding placing salt right by the entry way and it’s crucial that you wipe your feet or take off your shoes before coming inside.

Winter weather on its own can also do damage to hardwood. Floor resurfacing is often needed after a particularly snowy winter. With so much snow being track in and heavy traffic on the floors, hardwood floor repair is almost inevitable. You can protect your floors from damage caused by snow and ice by using floor mats throughout your home. Although most people think they are only needed at the front door, floor mats can protect the flooring throughout the home and are especially useful during inclement weather.

Pets can also cause problems in the winter. They will inevitably track in snow, ice, and salt, making it almost impossible to keep your floors clean. Cold weather can be tough, and will do a lot of damage to hardwood. In order to avoid hardwood repair, it’s important to take the time to use mats and other protective coverings to keep your floors good as new. With long cold winters in Avon, Hinckley, and many other cities throughout Ohio, you’ll want to take every precaution to avoid costly floor resurfacing after the winter.

Hardwood floors are such a nice feature in the home and it’s important to protect them year round. Rock salt, snow, and other weather-related debris can destroy the surface of your beautiful wood floors and lead to expensive hardwood floor repair or even hardwood floor refinishing. Through a little preparation, you can keep your floors good as new so they can be enjoyed for many years to come.