How to Draw a Graph Using Excel

Microsoft Excel has got a great feature called Charts. Charts help us to draw graphs based on a given data. This is an excellent tool to convert your data into graph within no time. Visualize a scenario, wherein you are asked to draw a graph on sales made during different quarters by your company. Let us do this task right away.

Open your Excel program. Input Quarter names in one   column  (say A1). This is going to be our X-axis in our graph. The next  column  should be filled with the sales figures corresponding to each quarter you entered in the first  column . This  column  is our Y-Axis. Your basic data is now ready to be drawn. All you have to do is to select the entire region of data and click on the chart wizard icon provided in the menu toolbar.

The first step in the wizard is to provide the type of graph we want to plot. Choose a type of graph. For this example, let us choose Bar graph. The subsequent steps are for further customization of the graph. You can try out different customizations to make your graph better and eye appealing. These steps will ask you to provide a Chart Title, Name for Category X,Y whether you require grid lines in your graph etc. Once you are done with customization, click finish and your chart is drawn.

There are other types of chart types, which are pie, line, area, doughnut etc. These charts can be chosen according to the type of data you want to draw.