How To Hypnotize – 4 Steps To Tear Down Low Self Esteem (Self Hypnosis)

The four steps to tear down low self esteem:

1. Feel incredible.
Once you feel incredible you're going to be amazed at how different your thinking becomes. And now it becomes easy to identify clearly what your dreams are. Remember those times when you really felt like you were on a roll, how the ideas just kept flowing.

2. Have a plan
Once you have a plan you're ready for the fun part. In order to create real change on self confidence and self esteem, you need to know exactly what you want to experience in life and who you want to experience it with.

3. Change your predefined setting
Have you ever noticed that your weight stays in a certain range, same with your income, and your habits. There may be temporary changes, but more often than not, things return to how they were. You have to understand your mind a little differently and change up your approach. In order to create real change you need to "reset" your unconscious settings.

4. Think what you want to be
People often sabotage themselves by concentrating on what they do not want to be. How does telling yourself to stop being dumb dumb slob who opeats and fails at everything, make you feel? Do you feel motivated? It's much different when you say: "I love myself and I want to eat fresh foods and move more, so that I have the energy to generate a boatload of money and do what I want."

There are four of it. You might find it nonsense or stale because you already read these things somewhere and they just really hard to do. Change your habit, think what you want to be, even have to feel incredible when we have nothing to be confident at.

It will not work if you just forcing your self to do it. The only thing to make these easier is to make the steps flow easily in your life and unconsciously doing it in the real life. Once the self hypnosis entered your unconscious mind, they begin to manifest itself automatically in your life.

Feels good to be loved,
Choi Rowling