How To Stop A Dog From Digging

Perhaps you already have a loving canine companion and everything is great except one little thing – your dog's digging behavior. I can see you nodding your head in agreement. Maybe you'd like to get a dog but the picture of a dog digging up the backyard you've worked so hard on makes you think twice. You may have heard the saying, "You can have a yard, or you can have a dog."

It's true that dogs like to dig, but all is not lost. It does not have to be an either / or situation. Here are a few tips to help keep your yard intact:

o If you do not already have a dog, consider the breed you would like to get and do research to see if they are known diggers. Huskies, Malamutes, and Terriers are breeds that have a tendency to dig. However, remember each dog has its own personality and you will not be absolutely sure your dog likes to dig until you get him home (and after you've fallen in love with him.)

o If your dog just has to dig, design a digging area. Maybe you have an unfinished section on the side of the house where it's okay to dig. If you do not, put an open-bottom sandbox filled with dirt somewhere in your yard and make that the dig spot. You will have to train your dog to only dig in that area. Hide a few dog biscuits in the sandbox and start digging to give him the idea. Praise him when he digs in the right spot and correct him when he digs outside the designated area. If you're watching your dog closely and diligently, it should not take him long to figure it out.

o If there is a particular area that your dog likes to dig, you can shovel some of his own poop onto the spot. Dogs will not dig there for obvious reasons.

o If you like your flower garden and your pooch likes your flower garden, change the type of flowers you plant. A prickly rose garden will keep the dog out and still give you pretty flowers to look at.

o Change your dog's outside boundaries. If your dog is allowed to freely roam the entire backyard all day long, you're just asking for some casual digging to happen. Think about restricting him with a gated area or shortening his time outside.

These are just some ways to stop a dog from digging; using a designated area for the dog who must dig, restricting your dog's access to the yard, planting hardier, thorny plants, and using a deterrent. Try these strategies to save your yard while still keeping your beloved dog.