Liquid Calcium Chloride – A Chemical With Several Applications

Calcium Chloride is an industrial chemical that has various industrial applications. The production of this chemical goes up to three and a half million tonnes each year. Calcium chloride comes in forms like flakes, anhydrous, hex hydrate, dihydrate and even liquid calcium chloride.

Liquefied Calcium Chloride has an extremely low freezing point and high specific gravity. It is popularly useful in de-icing and cooling applications. Let us get into some of its benefits:

1) Dust Control. There is dust present on unpaved surfaces be it parking lots, access roads, driveways, and secondary roads. Due to traffic and wind, this dust settles on people, their skin, hair and clothes. This could be dangerous for those who suffer from respiratory issues. It also reduces visibility on roads.

If you are not in a position to undertake a dust control activity then you have a solution in the form of Calcium Chloride. As it is hygroscopic, this chemical attracts moisture from atmosphere and the unpaved surfaces remain dust down and damp. The roads get compact and stable. It even resists evaporation. Due to this even one application works for a long period.

2) Concrete Accelerator. In winters, liquefied Calcium Chloride helps the construction industry as well. This chemical strengthens concrete to make jobs easier rather than waiting for summer months. This chemical accelerates the hydration rate of cement and it sets faster. The cement also becomes stronger and even in winters it protects the newly laid concrete. This also means that builders plan finishing ahead of time. This leads to savings in concrete protection and reduced heating.

3) Ice & Snow Control. When temperatures are close to freezing point, you can use plain rock salt. However, when temperatures are as low as -20 to -25 degree Fahrenheit then salt gets less effective in melting snow. Liquefied Calcium Chloride gives the required moisture that needed by the salt to become brine. More so, this chemical itself is a strong deicer. Its solution helps to dissolve ice and snow easily. It even performs at extremely low temperatures. In big industries, it will not cause plant damage or corrosion if it is correctly applied.

We can conclude by saying that liquid calcium chloride is a very useful chemical in the industry. It has different applications. It is even useful in the Gas and Oil industry as an additive for completion fluids to enhance density and for drilling mud.