Macro Tool Makes You Web Surfing Automatically

Have you ever noticed a peculiar fact that web surfing has already been one part of your life since the internet use has gradually been on the rise? It is impossible to give a satisfactory explanation why you may spend a whole day to web surfing without a short break. For you, web surfing has the same peculiar fascination which TV has for you. Surfing web at home, even at office, is an increasingly common habit that could be even more addictive than coffee.

You can give a logical explanation. At office, almost your works are managed through your company’s local network. The first thing you would do after you get to your company every morning is to open your computer and log into your company account, then deal with your works through it. At home, of course, the first thing you would do is still to open your computer and log into msn, then find many amusements like the movie, music, game or others online to amuse yourself. You find that there is nothing can please you in the rest time but web surfing. The more interesting is that your friends don’t call you now but just leave their message on msn. It seems that every one can not do anything without the internet.

But at the same time you enjoy the pleasure of surfing the web, you find out that there is something boring you. Every day you have to bear the repetitious monotonous routine actions. You have to log into your company account, your email, input your password, open the sites for watching your AdSense income, and filling the form to submit data over over again. But you cannot help but spend more time to deal with these routine tasks every day. While doing these, you think if you can find a way to escape the monotonous routine of filling forms, inputting password, and opening the sites as well.

Surely, there is an ideal way to resolve your problem when you enjoying web surfing. Using Macro Tool, you can automatically complete these tasks at the same time without your interfere. You could edit macro script and set a hotkey for each one. So when you wanting to log into your company account or email account, or other things, just press one hotkey lightly, Macro Tool will do for you automatically. If it’s necessary, you could set an exact time for performing to log into your email, or other things.

There is a macro program which features the unique ability which allows you to create a macro for each task. Such as logging into Google, you could create a macro for it by editing script. There is a useful property named webpage which includes several options about the webpage. You may choose some options which connect the webpage you want to open, and specify the properties for it, like choosing the options open the webpage and fill field on the webpage. And then you may specify URL for the webpage, give a name and fill the search contents. Once the properties are confirmed, you could set a hotkey for it. The next step you do is just to press the hotkey lightly, the macro program can log into Google automatically instead of you by hand. Of course, you could create many macros to perform multitask at the same time without managing the tasks one by one manually.

With Macro Tool help, you could press hotkeys to log into your email, your company account, or submit your data, or fill the form at the same time. Now, let you web surfing automatically and easily, visit Macro Expert at