Make Your Pet Bottles Of Best Quality With Accurate Section Weight Analysis

PET bottles are highly used in a variety of industries for various purposes. These bottles are used for storage and packaging of different materials such as pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, chemicals, edible items, etc. The main reason for such high popularity of these PET bottles is that they can easily be cast in any shape or size. Additionally, they are non-reactive to any sort of chemicals which makes them ideal for storage of chemical substances as well as food items.

For the best protection of products packaged in the PET bottles, it is essential to ensure that the quality of the bottles provided to the customers is of best quality. There are many attributes of plastic bottles that contribute to their quality. These attributes include transparency, the thickness of the walls, distribution of strain, section weight, Perpendicularity, base clearance, etc. These features must be satisfied by a bottle, to serve better the customers. In order to provide best quality to the customers, the manufacturers of the bottles need to run several quality testing procedures on the bottles for which they need high accurate testing instruments that provide test results with high precision.

A major test that is conducted on the PET bottles is the section weight analysis. The section weight analysis of the plastic bottles is carried out to analyze the uniform distribution of weight in different sections of the bottles according to their size and diameters. For best results from section weight analysis, it is important to cut a bottle into different sections that are bottom, top and cylinder without causing any deformation in the sections of the bottles.

A hot wire bottle cutter is an ideal instrument that is used in the PET manufacturing industries for cutting of bottles for section weight analysis. A hot wire bottle cutter is an extremely efficient testing instrument that is used for cutting of bottles without causing any significant deformation of the bottles. The machine is incorporated with a digital temperature controller which controls the temperature perfectly that is needed for perfect cutting of bottles. The digital temperature controller helps in attaining repeatable and stable testing procedure which helps in accurate analysis of section weight.

With proper section weight analysis, it is easy to ensure that the bottles are of best quality, as non-uniform distribution of weight in different sections can lead to imperfections and various defects in the bottles. Hotwire bottle cutter is an ideal instrument or best testing of PET bottles for section weight analysis.