Opening Pandora’s Box: 8 Female Personality Types and Attracting Women

There are only eight female personality types. Every woman can fit into one of these personality types in accordance with what they’re interested in in a man and how they will react in any situation. A guy that understands these personality types and can take advantage of them has a huge advantage over guys that do not understand these personality types and where the woman they desire might fall within these guidelines.

Pandora’s Box and the a Personality Types of Women

For anybody trying to attract women, understanding the basic female personality types is essential. They’re more than just general. They describe exactly what you need to do to attract the women you desire. Here are the 8 female personality traits according to the Pandora’s Box System:

  • The Seductress
  • The Connoisseur
  • The Modern Woman
  • The Social Butterfly
  • The Cinderella
  • The Private Dancer
  • The Playette
  • The Hopeless Romantic

How use the Female Personality Types to your Advantage

There are probably some types of women that you configure out of the top your head which category they fit into. Maybe even experienced enough to know some of the “proper” techniques to attract a few of the types. Real understanding of women gives you a distinct advantage over guys have no clue. What attracts these women will always be true to form. These methods of attraction are not rational. They come from the sub brain. Chances are the women don’t even know why certain things appeal to them and others don’t.

Have you ever heard a woman say that she has no clue as to why she always likes the, “wrong” type of guy. This is because that type of guy fits in to her personality by filling specific needs. You don’t need to become the “wrong” guide to attract her, but if you learn a few subtle tricks you can get her interested in you rather than that wrong guy. It all starts with opening Pandora’s box.