Preventing Exterior Fires to Your Home

It is important to consider the exterior of your home as a hazard arean and should be a part of your property protection plan. Do not overlook the patio, back yard, roof and garden when making your inspection for fire hazards. These areas are just as important as the interior of your home, especially since there are other factors that can affect a fire's behavior.

Roof Safety

There are many homes lost due to the roof catching fire. If you are building or replacing the roof, ask your contractor about using non-combustible or fire resistant roofing materials, such as Class A shingles, metal, or tiles. If roof of your home is not fire retardant, it can be treated with fire retardant processes to reduce its flammability.

Yard Safety Cleaning

If you have a wood pile in your yard, following some basic fire safety rules can prevent it from catching fire. Always remember that the way you maintain the wood pile can reduce the occurrence, size, and intensity of a fire. Make a safety parimeter around the wood with about 30 feet of clearance. A fresh, green lawn makes a good safety parimeter, as long as it is clear of leaves, twigs, and other fuel for a fire.

When it comes to plants and trees, some are more fire resistant than others. For example, hardwood trees are more fire resistant than pine trees. Remove dry leaves, dead limbs, twigs and debris as they can turn a small fire into a large one. By thinning out your trees to keep a fifteen foot distance between tree crowns you can reduce the chance of fire spreading from tree to tree.

Tree limbs and dead branches should be removed from about 6 to 10 feet off the ground to prevent fires from spreading from the ground to the trees. Trees should be well maintained and pruned near buildings, stovepipes and chimneys.

Outdoor Grill

The best way to keep your outdoor gas grill in good and safe condition is to keep it clean of dirt, grease, and debris. Periodically check the case line for cracks. Propane or natural gas leaking from a cracked hose can be extremely hazardous.