Pump Paintball – Why Play Pump Paintball?

Non-pump players ask this question a lot. They don’t understand why anyone would want to actually play with a pump. There are lots of reasons why someone would want to play with one though.

A pump paintball marker is a disadvantage on the field, in terms of rate of fire. That is the simple truth about them. You can’t shoot nearly as fast as an electronic marker. The low BPS (balls per second) ability of a pump makes others wonder why in the world anyone would want to use one. Below are just a few reasons why players choose to play with them.

First off, playing with a pump is a huge money saver. It is no secret that paintball is expensive. It is extremely expensive if you play regularly and have the latest and greatest gear. If you don’t want to go the route of chasing the newest upgrades, and the latest fastest marker, getting a pump is a much cheaper option. CCI, Tippmann, and Arrow Precision make durable and dependable pump guns. They are much cheaper than a brand new high-end electronic gun too. Besides saving money on gear, you also will will drastically save money on paint because you can’t shoot 15+ balls in a second. With all the money you’ll save, you’ll be able to play more frequently, and longer.

Playing with a disadvantage isn’t for the faint of heart. When you are going up against electronic guns, this is especially true. Some people out there thrive on this challenge though, and for that reason they choose to play disadvantaged with a pump. They love the fact that they are the underdog, and that the odds are against them. This makes paintball much more exciting for them.

Besides the challenge that pump play offers, it also helps train you to become a better paintballer. Some people debate this, but I see no debate. It is quite simple really. Without the ability to spray paintballs and hope that it may hit someone you are forced to move and find better angles where you can hit someone. You are also forced to make your shots count. This means you train yourself to take better shots. With an electronic marker it is easy to sit in the back and unload, while with a pump, not so much, because with your inferior fire power, you will get destroyed. You have to compensate for your slower rate of fire by playing smarter and more effectively, which in time will make you a better paintball player.

There you have just a few of the reasons why someone would want to play this way. Playing with a low rate of fire helps you save a ton of money on expensive paintballs. It also gives you an exciting challenge, and helps you build up your skills. Snap-shooting, moving on the field, strategy, and accuracy are all skills pump play can help you build up.