Singer 221 Featherweight Interchangeable Parts

Singer in order to make it economical made parts on machines that would work on other machines. I have made a list of some of the parts that can be used on some other machines. Here is what you should know.

1. The difference in voltage actually allows you to trade items from a 220 volt and make it work or interchange with the 110 volt. For example the electric block seems to get broke a lot.

  • Did you know that you can pull the pins out of a 220 Volt, replace them with your pins out of your old 110 volt making this part usable again?

2. The same is true with the foot control on a 220 volt. You can use the foot control cover to replace a broken 110 volt foot control. All parts off the foot control will work on your 110 volt foot control, even the enter workings will work if you take off the extra electric transformers.

3. The price of 220 volt equipment is cheaper and will work fine.

4. The Singer manufactures made foot controls that went in a singer desk. They fit most Singer 221, 301, 15-91 and other models. Parts from the furniture can be helpful when trying to find parts that are high priced or not available.

5. A featherweight machine will use the same brushes as other machine models. This helps in finding brushes if there are problems in finding the correct brushes.

6. This Singer machine will use the same parts from other models that are painted. For instance the 1933 early model scroll faceplate will still fit on models into the 1950’s. The painted faceplate will fit on a regular black singer featherweight.

7. The tension on the machine is used on other models of Singer machines. The tension will fit other featherweight machines for instance 221j tan model.

8. The light bulb from the machine can be used in a model 301, 201-2, singer 15-91 and some other models singer made.

9. The power cord can be used other machines if it is a double lead power cord.

10. It is always good to use new wiring on machines that are being used extensively. Collectors sometimes prefer to have original equipment and in most cases original parts are better quality. The old wiring is not as safe, but it is original for a collector sewing machines.

11. Bobbin case from the Singer 301 can be used in the Singer 221 featherweight. Bobbins for the 301 machines are also fit.

12. Rotary hook assembly or shuttle assembly from the 301 can also be used.

13. Parts from behind the faceplate can be used on other machnes.

14. The bobbin winder actually will fit on other models, but if you are a collector you might want the part that originally came on their Singer 221 featherweight.

15. Bobbin tensions or thread guides as some are called will fit on other machines.

If you buy a new part for your featherweight sewing machine you should look at returning your old part to a website or dealer that is trying to keep these parts in circulation. When you need a Singer 221 featherweight rotary hook assembly others might be able to get use out of screws or other parts from your old rotary hook. This is true of all parts that are of no use to you any more. We are willing to pay postage just to keep these old original parts in circulation. You can help if you need a new part try to send your old part back. You might even get some money back.