Using BR111 Flooring in Your Home

Exotic species are the latest trend in hardwood flooring. Exotic full and engineered hardwood flooring has become more affordable in recent years, and, as a result, the consumer looking to do something different to the interior of his or her home goes for it. Brazilian cherry and tigerwood are two of the more common species, as both offer a palette of colors not typically found in domestic species. Brazilian cherry, for example, has a deep red patina, while the contrasting grain of tigerwood is unusual. BR111 has become one of the more well-known manufacturers of exotic hardwood flooring, as their product line focuses exclusively on exotic species.

Exotic hardwood flooring is more often than not from South America, although Australian and African species can be found, as well. Exotic hardwoods are known to be stronger than oak, one of the more common domestic species, and come in solid and engineered varieties. The latter aspect is particularly important. Not all homes can add exotic hardwoods, and manufacturers like BR111 offer nearly all species in engineered and solid options. Engineered hardwood allows the homeowner to add wood flooring over a radiating heat source or over concrete.

What are typical species of exotic hardwood flooring? The selection of BR111 includes various South American species. Amendoim is the most popular and, in addition to Brazilian Cherry and tigerwood, Brazilian walnut, Santos mahogany, angico, Brazilian oak, Brazilian teak, macchiato pecan, and Brazilian hickory are all possibilities. Flooring by BR111 comes in finished and unfinished options for engineered and solid hardwood.

Deciding on which type of BR111 flooring is best for your home comes down to both practicality and tastes. On the practical front, are you replacing an entire or part of a floor? For the former, pre-finished hardwood allows you to get the job done quicker. Additionally, if your home has a radiating heat source, going with an engineered exotic hardwood will make your flooring last longer.