Wallpaper Better Than Paint – 200,000 Reasons Why

The most dramatic way to enhance the decor of a home is

through wallpaper supplemented by border for accent and fabric

for coordination. Paint may give a change especially when

textured or contrasted with patterns of some sort. But that

results in a more permanent effect. Modern wallpaper is

strippable. That means that what is today’s “new look” becomes

tomorrow’s “same old same old”. With wallpaper, it is a reasonably

simple task to redo everything.

Your limits are your imagination. Today go for the bold

colors of a large floral. Maybe next time you’ll want a more

muted effect. Everything is totally changeable with wallpaper.

It is the home decorator’s dream come true.

When you go

through the effort of doing a room with wallpaper, why not get

that extra effect of using the matching fabric.

Of course you

could do drapes and re-cover all the furniture. That would be a

really major project with a real big budget. But

consider a low-cost alternative. You could go with a pillow or

two. No matter how expensive a fabric is you would only need a

few yards at most. You can even use one yard to go on the table

with perhaps a flower on it.

The fabric that goes with the

wallpaper goes with your furniture and carpet. If that was not

true you would not want that wallpaper. So why not do the total


What if the budget really approaches zero? Why not

paint the room and use border as the accent? You get the

personality of the border with the low-cost of a plain paint

color. You could also use the border to separate different

colors in a room.

You could use the border as a chair rail in the dining room

with the top being painted different from the bottom. This idea

can be expanded to maybe wallpaper either top or the bottom.

You may want to paint the baby’s room and put the border

around the top. This could cover the beginners paint skill by

keeping the paint away from the ceiling. You got about five

inches which the border will cover. Certainly that is enough

space for you to keep the paint roller from hitting the ceiling.

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