What to Look for When You Buy an LCD TV?

The TV captures a corner of your room, and is a very good entertainer. LCD TVs have been developed rapidly in just a few years. LCD is Liquid Crystal Display. LCD is sandwiched with two perfect backlight glass plates. It displays with fluorescent backlight. It has less glare and reflection. LCD TV is slim and can be mounted easily in walls or ceilings.

LCD TV works with the same technology of digital clocks and computer monitors. It has a very good display screen. It has a flat panel, which has the bright and high contrast images. The screen size is 27 inches and below. The display of an image is measured with tiny dots, which is known as pixels. Pixels give the sharper resolutions. Pixels have three chambers as red, blue and green. All LCD TV screen will have a fine function through the life with the supply of dead pixels. It displays in the ratio 16: 9, which is the proper one to view HDTV and DVD players. It is capable to display HDTV, conventional TV and home videos. It acts as computer monitors. LCD TV is built in with speakers, free view and tuners. Speakers have the Dolby surround sounds.

Things to note before you buy

LCD TV has many features as brightness contrast of a picture, viewing angle, response time, other equipments to be connected, and life span. First you should note the brightness contrast. Brightness is measured in cd / m2, which is the intensity of light. Contrast is measured as how many of white tones are produced in the image than a black one. The larger number of brightness contrast gives the high quality of picture. The next is the angle to view the TV. Horizontal angle is of 150 and 170 degrees and vertical around 130 degrees. You can view the images in the TV sitting anywhere in the room. It can be viewed also in wide angles. Response time is measured as milliseconds. The speed of the pixels is between 20 to 30 milliseconds. Slow response time will cause the image as streaking and ghosting. The other equipments will be connected with a SCART sockets, S-video and Component inputs. SCART sockets can be chosen with a RGB input. S-Video is super natural videos. HDMI is a High Definition Multimedia Interface, which has the high quality to connect both audio and video data. The average life span of the television is 60, 000 hours. It will have the life up to 20 years.

When you go to buy a LCD TV, you should keep the above consideration in your mind. Right LCD TV will display of high quality of pictures, many types of equipments can be connected as your wish and it occupies the small portion in your house.