Why Are Ladder Accessories Necessary?

There are many different ladder accessories that can make your job safer and easier. “Shoes” can make using your ladder worry free because they eliminate the possibility of the ladder losing traction from being on an unstable surface and slipping. Ladder levelers ensure stability on uneven ground or stairs so that you will not be trying to balance on a difficult surface and risking an accident. Stand-offs are a useful accessory for working on your roof and gutters. They are easily attached to the gutter or roof so that you can easily stand and clean or step off safely.

Straight ladders have statistically the most accidents. This is because it is easy to lose traction or tip them over while working. Uneven ground and weather can make working outside on a ladder a dangerous task. With ladder shoes you can have added traction for more safety with very little extra expense. Steel shoes are best for use outside but for extra safety with indoor use, you can easily change to rubber shoes so that you do not accidentally damage any flooring. In addition to shoes, ladder levelers are also a great way to make sure that you are eliminating the risks of using a straight ladder. If you have stairs in your home, you know that it is almost impossible to sturdy a ladder on them. A leveler will give you the boost on either side that you need to be level and safe.

A stand-off is a great way to clean your gutters or climb onto the roof safely. You can also work in corners without putting yourself in danger. Using a ladder usually means that someone else will be present to hold the it steady while you climb or work. This accessory keeps your ladder up to two feet away from the wall so that you are no longer relying on your gutter or roof to prevent the top of the ladder form sliding and causing you to fall.

Ladder accessories are a great way to add extra safety to the work that you are doing. Accidents caused by un-sturdy or un-level ground have fewer chances of occurring with the correct use of various accessories. You can find these products and many others at your local hardware store. The price of safety accessories will vary, but to anyone who puts them to use, they are well worth any expense.