The Diaper Genie

I have always disliked the way a house smells after you toss diapers in the trash. then you have to take out the trash before company comes over, that is all you can smell for hours. Well I have found the best thing since zip lock bags. The diaper genie is smaller than most kitchen trash cans taking up the least amount of space possible. The best part is my house doesn’t stink. The diaper genie is a great gift for both first time moms or even the seasoned veterans. The kids or animals cant get into the container at all. As for guests coming to my home they don’t even notice the genie. My son loves to watch me put the diapers in because when you push them down they disappear. less contact with the soiled diaper is fine with me.

Refills for the genie are very inexpensive and they last longer than your average trash bag. fitting up to and even sometimes more than 20 diapers, you can decide how long or short your bag will be. there are covered blades inside the container so you can cut your bag and not your hand. the diaper genie really has made my life a little easier. the full bags are very easy to dispose of you just toss it into your outside trash can. You don’t have to worry because you just tie the end off and filler up again.

So overall the diaper genie is a great investment for moms, dads, grandparents and even daycare centers nationwide. we all want our homes to smell refreshing not like the local dump. in these times of economic crisis its nice to know I can control one thing, the smell of my home.