The Popularity Of Hardy Plank Siding

Tens of thousands of homes in both South and North America are making use of the next generation of engineered home siding this revolution is known as hardy plank siding. Hardy plank siding is gaining strength as real alternative to traditional wood and vinyl siding due to its unmatched durability and strength.

Hardy plank siding is sometimes referenced as “hardy siding”. It gets this unique nickname not because of its your ability and strength, but because its inventor was a man named James Hardie. James Hardie developed Hardy plank siding as an alternative for wood and vinyl in Australia’s home market. Nowadays however hard he plank siding is not limited to Australian homes, but indeed it is now a worldwide phenomenon in the home siding industry.

Visually Hardy plank siding bears more than a passing resemblance to real wood. In fact, it is manufactured to imitate both the texture and grain of real wood siding. Many people claim that Hardy would siding is resistance to all extreme weather conditions making it a perfect option in extreme climate areas. This siding is resistant to fire and water, never warps or rots, and is unaffected by termites and other insects that cause damage to more traditional sidings.

Another popular characteristic of this siding is the fact that it retains paint much better than would. In fact this type of siding rarely ever peels or chips when painted. However many homeowners choose to not paint their Hardy plank siding because its natural appearance is quite attractive and appealing.

As with all siding proper maintenance and installation is key to the longevity of Hardy plank siding. For the homeowner installation of Hardy plank siding is exceedingly easy. It requires basic tools that most homeowners have on hand, and no special prep work that requires years of training or guidance. Maintenance is also a breeze, Hardy plank siding can easily be washed off with a common garden hose.

The world has caught on to Australia’s secret, and this type of siding is here to stay. It comes in a variety of colors and styles to fit anybody’s needs, and offered at very attractive price points. Of course, all of this is backed up by an excellent manufacturer’s warranty. So if you are in market for new siding definitely look into purchasing Hardy plank siding, it is unmatched in strength, durability, and beauty.