The Summers Hottest Broadway Tickets

The summer is typically the slow time for people who love the New York City theater experience. Broadway tickets seem to sell like hot cakes starting in September and pushing through the Christmas holiday season. Most of the new blockbuster musicals and plays open around this time and seats sell out at almost every legitimate theater on The Great White Way. The holiday shows add to the excitement of the season and Broadway most certainly comes alive as the leaves begin to fall through Central Park. The spring and summer months are not a dismal time for theater, however, and there are some great show still opening during these months. Great musicals and plays which are not to be missed and gems which can be had at a great price during the off season.

110 In The Shade is an outstanding musical which opened at the Studio 54 Theater located at 254 West 54th Street. This amazing musical production began it's run on May 9, 2007, and many true fans of theater claim that this is what Broadway used to be and is meant to be. With many shows coming off of Hollywood movies nowdays it is always nice to see a classic style musical which hold the heart of a New York Show. 110 In The Shade does this and does it well. With the star of the show being Audra McDonald who shines, stuns and amazes audiences with her capturing voice and translucent beauty. The musical focuses on a story of love during the 1930s in Texas and is based on Richard Nash's 1954 play The Rainmaker.

The hit movies of Hollywood often do make a great night out for a show and Legally Blonde follows suite to a formula that works. Many times people just need to see something they know and can relate to. A musical which offers familiarity with humor and great songs. This is why Legally Blonde Broadway tickets have become a much sought after commodity. This musical comedy opened at the Palace Theater on April 29, 2007, and focuses around the blonde sweetheart everyone loves "Elle Woods" who jumps right from the silver screen into the heart of the Big Apple.

A surprise for the season is the cult classic move Xanadu which has hit the stage in a huge way. This disco era musical was originally to open off-Broadway and then changed plans to open at the Helen Hayes Theater located at 240 West 44th Street. The Xanadu opening occurred on June 26, 2007, and is based on the classic 1980's film which stared Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly in what would become his last major role. Xanadu did achieve a cult classic label which still lingers on to this day. The movie itself was a disaster and achieved hard any box office success, but the soundtrack did go double platinum.

Broadway Tickets On The Off Season

With Broadway tickets, it is always to secure them through the box office of the theater. This assures a face value price and a chance at great seats. When a show on Broadway becomes very popular many show times become very difficult to obtain if you did not call the theater the day the Broadway tickets went on sale. The summer season for theater in New York offers some great musical and play opening which the tickets can be had fairly easy, even last minute. Even blockbuster hits with huge weekly box office grosses can be had at a great price. Take advantage of all that New York City theater has to offer and get great seats to an amazing show on the off season of Broadway.